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Technical Assistance

NAIHC’s technical assistance (TA) program, in existence since 1987, remains the cornerstone of the organization. Our TA providers consist primarily of former executive directors and senior housing managers, each with many years of experience in the tribal housing arena.

NAIHC’s highly-qualified TA specialists, along with our team of professional TA consultants, are able to work on-site, as well as off site, at the request of Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) recipients.

All recipients of Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA) IHBG funding are eligible to receive technical assistance at no cost. Once a TA provider is tasked by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Office of Native American Programs (ONAP) to provide TA, that entity will contact you to design and develop a tailored TA delivery plan that addresses your tribal housing entities specific needs.

To apply for technical assistance under HUD/ONAP’s new “demand/response” system, you will need to submit a request for assistance to your local area ONAP office. The area ONAP office will, in turn, forward your request on to the ONAP HQ office. Upon receipt, ONAP HQ will review your request and issue a tasking order to one of the entities whom they awarded a TA Cooperative Agreement and funding to. That entity will then be responsible for contacting you, conducting a needs assessment, and ultimately delivering the assistance requested.

While NAIHC can no longer accept TA requests directly from tribal housing entities, like we have done for many years (under Section 703 of NAHASDA), we are one of the entities who received a TA Cooperative Agreement, and accompanying funding from HUD/ONAP HQ, and we will continue to provide TA services to tribes and tribal housing programs based on task orders received from ONAP HQ under their new “demand/response” system.

To assist you in obtaining on-site TA services in the future, under HUD’s new “demand/response” system, please contact the POC (listed below) at the area ONAP office you are assigned to.

Deb Alston

Office: AKONAP

Email: deb.alston@hud.gov

Phone: 907.677.9863

Mary White

Office: EWONAP

Email: Mary.White@hud.gov

Phone: 312.913.8762

Lisa Stewart

Office: NWONAP

Email: lisa.stewart@hud.gov

Phone: 206.220.6166

Katie Starcevich

Office: NPONAP

Email: Katie.E.Starcevich@hud.gov

Phone: 303.672.5147

Sherri Coleman

Office: SPONAP

Email: Sherri.A.Coleman@hud.gov

Phone: 405.609.8549



David Southerland

Office: SWONAP

Email: David.W.Southerland@hud.gov

Phone: 505.346.6925